We drive value

Why Choose 889?


Cost savings

As a trusted strategic sourcing partner, 889 Global solutions leverages robust, global manufacturing relationships across China and Taiwan to minimize your supply chain costs.
In addition, 889 specializes in identifying potential product modifications that can dramatically reduce costs and drive profitability, all while delivering sleeker and more modern looking pieces.

On-time deliveries

889's bilingual project manger will create and maintain production schedules, keeping you in the loop throughout the manufacturing process.
We'll manage shipping routes, navigate customs clearance procedures, pay all duties and entry fees, monitor port conditions, consolidate orders and more.
889 ensures your specific needs are executed and delivered accurately, on-time, every time.

Consistent Quality

The 889 Team in Asia visits your factory before, during and after production to assure quality standards before your product leaves the shop floor.

vendor consolidation

With over 50 factories at our disposal, we can bring any step of your product’s fabrication into our network for rapid speed to market.
889 removes the complex burden of multi-vendor production systems by bringing everything under one roof. In turn, labor and material costs are drastically reduced, resulting iin a more streamlined supply chain and driving profitability for your company.